Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing Bottle Kpp 200Ml (Blue) Nipple M

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Pigeon Peristaltic Nursing Bottle Kpp 200Ml (Blue) Nipple M

Brand   :  Pigeon
Item Weight   :  48 Grams
Bottle nipple type   :  Vented
Capacity   :  200 Milliliters
Bottle Type   :  Anti-Colic Bottle
Age Range    :  Baby 4,5 Months+


  • Ultra soft silicone nipple
  • AVS technology
  • Quality durable plastic
  • Easy to hold and clean
  • BPA & BPS Free
  • Instructions Included


Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for your baby, especially during baby’s first year.
The amount of time spent on breastfeeding also strengthens the bond between mother and baby.
Pigeon bottles are made of high quality durable plastic, the streamlined shape makes it easy for mothers to hold and keep clean
Ultra soft silicone with its double thickness ensures ideal softness and elasticity so that your baby can latch on comfortably and easily
The shape fits perfectly onto your baby’a tongue, allowing smooth tongue movement and minimizing air intake
The adjustment of the air pressure inside the bottle minimizes air intake when feeding. Hence baby will not swalow execessive air while swallowing

Product description

Pigeon peristaltic nipple plastic feeding bottle is a healthy start to a babys independent eating habits.The bottle allows natural movement of the babys tongue, ensuring maximum development of babys facial and jaw muscles.The nipple of the bottle is stretchable and allows easy sucking and wide movement of the babys tongue.

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